This website is designed for faculty who want to adopt Peer Instruction, and need practical information and materials to support that process.

About Peer Instruction

The goal of this website is to provide college and university Computer Science faculty with all the information they need to adopt Peer Instruction in the courses they teach. Peer Instruction is a specific pedagogical practice defined by Professor Eric Mazur of the Department of Physics at Harvard University. This lecture by Prof. Mazur is a good first explanation of Peer Instruction:

About this Website

Launched in March of 2012, this website is the work of Cynthia Bailey Lee of the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, and Beth Simon of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California San Diego. Questions may be directed to Cynthia: cbl at stanford.edu.

"FABULOUS resource for faculty wishing to use Peer Instruction in Computer Science" -- Eric Mazur, via Twitter