Instructor Cheat Sheet

With Peer Instruction, a great many more “things” will be happening in your classroom, compared to most traditional lectures (mostly you talking, with occasional questions from students).  Below is a cheat sheet to put next to your computer to help remind you what happens next (print the PDF version here that fits on one page).

And while this is different for you — it’s also different for your students.  Be extra clear (more so than you think you need to) in directing students what to do next (this is the silent, individual vote; discuss in your groups!, group vote!).  You are asking them to play a different role in the classroom and they need your permission and guidance to do so effectively.

For each question:

1)   SOLO VOTE: Announce question, START TIMER where students can see.  When 80% of votes are in, say, 20 more seconds….  Count Down: 5,4,3,2,(1.5),1 —  HIT STOP

2)   Say Discuss in groups — convince your neighbor you are right (DO NOT TURN ON TIMER, DO NOT SHOW GRAPH)

3)   As things quiet SAY GROUP VOTE, then START TIMER WHERE
.  When most votes are in say LAST CALL ON GROUP VOTES <10 second pause> 5,4,3,2,1 – Last call!  HIT STOP

4)   DISPLAY GRAPH (causes students to stop talking, if they don’t announce QUIET!  Time for class wide discussion!)

For Classwide Discussion


Right answer is clear winner:  Say:  “OK – well done,

B is right, but why might A be tempting

B is right, why might someone think it could be A

Possible followups:

            How would we change the question so that A is right?

Not clear winner:  Say: “OK – this was a hard one, we need to look at all the options”

What reasoning would someone use for A (repeat for all popular choices)

If your group changed its mind, what did you discuss?

(every so often, remind students)

Remember, it’s more impressive to be able to explain why the wrong answers are wrong, or how one might make a mistake on a test.