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Peer Instruction Faculty Workshop – July 21-23 – San Diego, CA

Peer Instruction in Computer Science:  Focusing Classes on the Students

Location: San Diego, CA
Dates: July 21st-23th
Hosts: Leo Porter, Skidmore College; Cynthia Bailey Lee, Stanford University; and Beth Simon, UC San Diego

Do you find your students inattentive during lecture? Ever wonder what all the students are thinking, not just those few who ask questions? Do you want to see more of your students succeed and stay in the major? Peer Instruction may be your answer! Peer Instruction is a student-centric pedagogy which uses targeted conceptual questions (often with clickers) to identify student understanding. This allows the instructor to focus the class around core concepts and around material on which students struggle. Relative to lecture, research has shown it to improved student scores on final exams, dramatically reduce failure rates, and contribute to improve retention of CS majors.Moreover, students across a wide variety of institutions overwhelmingly value Peer Instruction and wish more faculty would use it in their classes. In this workshop, participants will attend actual Peer Instruction classes ongoing at UC San Diego, learn about the research supporting Peer Instruction and Peer instruction Best Practices, gain hands-on experience running Peer Instruction questions, and will work with experienced Peer Instruction instructors on adopting/developing Peer Instruction materials for their classes.

To register, please apply here by filling in your contact information (please note that SPACE IS LIMITED and applicants will be accepted first-come, first-serve): After applying, we will respond to you shortly.
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