Computer Architecture Peer Instruction Materials

Topics Coverage Summary: ISAs, performance evaluation, computer arithmetic, single-cycle processor, multi-cycle processor, pipelining, caches, virtual memory, modern superscalars, and multithreading

Number of Questions/Slides Available: 107

Materials Author: Leo Porter, UC San Diego

Sample Peer Instruction Questions (click to enlarge):

Peer Instruction Materials for Computer Architecture

Textbook Based on:  Computer Organization and Design, Revised Fourth Edition:  The Hardware/Software Interface.  David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy.

Structure:  Ten-week quarter at University of California, San Diego.

Uses and Adaptations:  Used by 2 other UCSD instructors (beyond the developer, Leo Porter).  Developer also used at Skidmore College for 12-weeks of a semester and used the remaining 3 weeks with paper reading on modern topics.  Non-PI slides originally developed by Dean Tullsen at UCSD.  Used with his permission.

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Non-PI slides originally developed by Dean Tullsen, UCSD.  Used with permission.

Lecture Materials Overview:

  • Lectures are organized into topics which can span one to three 1 hour 20 minute lecture periods.

Lecture Materials with Meta-Data on Clicker Questions:

Topic 1 – ISA

Topic 2 – Performance

Lecture Materials without Meta-Data on Clicker Questions:

Topic 3 – Arithmetic

Topic 4 – SC and SC Control

Topic 5 – Multi Cycle CPU

Topic 6 – MC Exceptions (short)

Topic 7 – Basic Pipelining

Topic 8 – Pipelining – Data Hazards

Topic 9 – Pipelining – Control Hazards

Topic 10 – Pipeline Review

Topic 11 – Caches

Topic 12 – VM

Topic 13 – Advanced Pipelining

Topic 14 – Multithreading