CS Principles (with Alice) Peer Instruction Materials

Topics Coverage Summary: Alice: methods (class and world level), parameters, events, functions, if statements, counted and while loops, lists.  Excel: functions and formulas, relative and absolute addressing, linking Excel functions to Alice concepts (e.g. vlookup, average, etc.)

Materials Author: Beth Simon, University of California, San Diego

A Short Article on How to Implement A Peer Instruction CS Principles Course: A pre-print from ACM Inroads June 2012

More detail on the UCSD pilot of CS Principles also in ACM Inroads

Sample Peer Instruction Questions (click to enlarge):




I have these materials packaged in a variety of ways to target different audiences.

The top set (organized by textbook sub-chapter) have the  most information.  Every slide has commentary on how to use it.  These were originally targeted for high school teachers (of various backgrounds) to use.

The following set is basically the same materials, but are the exact materials used in Winter 2012 at UCSD.  These are intended to give an idea of university-level pacing and include motivational slides, etc.

Materials by Chapter with Meta-Data and extra commentary

Materials by Lecture as used in Winter 2012 at UCSD (note: MW class and there were two Monday holidays)