Discrete Mathematics Peer Instruction Materials

Topics Coverage Summary: propositional logic, prepositional logic, argument forms, direct proof, proof by contradiction, induction, diagonalization, cardinality, basic number theory

Number of Questions/Slides Available: 100

Materials Author: Cynthia Lee, Stanford University; Shachar Lovett, University of California, San Diego

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Lecture01 – Syllabus

Lecture02 – Propositional logic

Lecture03 – Truth table

Lecture04 – Equivalence

Lecture06 – Equivalence proof by steps

Lecture07 – Quantifiers and paradoxes

Lecture08 – Direct proof

Lecture09 – Proof by contraposition and proof by cases

Lecture10 – Proof by contradiction

Lecture11 – Graphs

Lecture12 – Sets

Lecture13 – Set builder

Lecture14 – Functions

Lecture15 – Functions

Lecture16 – Relations

Lecture17 – More Induction

Lecture18 – Strong induction

Lecture19 – More induction examples

Lecture20 – Review Pf by Contradiction – Knaves

Lecture21 – Review Pf by Contradiction – Irrationals

Lecture22 – Finish Knaves and Fib

Lecture23 – Reachability algorithm

Lecture24 – Infinite sets